What the Indianapolis Colts saw when they lined up against the Dallas Cowboys today. Red Hulk NFL NFCEast
In other NFCEast news... HowBoutThemCowboys
Domingo de NFL, week 1, Eagles vs Jaguars, isso tudo merece uma FAXE! Faxe Beer NFL Happy Denmark Flyeaglesfly Football NFCEast Bleedgreen Birdgang
My Frowback Friday Lol... Redskinsnation Football Myteam Redskins NFCEast NFL Httrs TD Sports Keepgoing Keepthename Nfc RG3 Qb Boomshocka
I don't care bout your team Redskinsnation Redskins Huffpostgram NFCEast NFL Httrs Burgundyandgold Keepthename TD Sports NFL
That's right I'm still rocking it, I don't care about your team Redskins Httrs NFCEast ClintonPortis Beast 775 Doenme Football BooM !
Completely! Cowboys Redskins Giants NFCEast NFLFootball
Especially since you're the ONLY ringless team in the NFCEast @grandaddypurp21, LOL HowBoutThemCowboys !!!