There is always Bad in a world of Good. Even mother nature knows that☁ Rain ThankfulThursday Mothernature
Workmode 01/14/2016 ThankfulThursday 😊❀🌞
Was at Kyoto Station purchasing my all day city bus ticket when a lady approached me and gave me this! πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡ Japan Adventure Awesome People ThankfulThursday Exploring Enjoying Life Walking Around ThankYouLord Have A Great Day Kyoto,japan
Goodness is good but, like the song says, "God is great...and greatly to be praised." :-) Thankful ThankfulThursday BeGrateful GiveThanks
While waiting for someone. BzZzZz. Mcdonalds 😊 bungol ang babae ana ko sprite coke sad ang gihatag. Aw. K Happiness πŸ˜„ ThankfulThursday 03
This ThankfulThursday I'm so grateful for a boss that lets me go berfoot at work when I break a sandle, being healthy, making new friends and seeing old ones, a wonderful team/family that listens to my blah-ness and for the Spring and the new life it brings! Flower Nature Loveit Nofilter Nikon
Its Thursday and I'm thankful for this kid. If I had to take an adventure right now there's no one else I would choose to take with me. 1. Because I miss her and 2. Because she is just as impulse as i am. Come back to me @rdiddy11 TBT  ThankfulThursday
Second time's the charm ;) the good times in full orchestra :D this kid is so talented!! TBT  ThankfulThursday