'Blessed or doomed'..... What if the world becomes black and white and only you possess all other colours, what would you consider yourself..?...Blessed  Or Doomed ... JustAThought blackandwhite bnw pixlr colorsplash autocontrast motog
When nature rightly hides ruins of religion... Is this what the world needs? Nature Beach Beautiful Hidden Ruins Forgetreligion JustAThought Vengurla Maharshtra Maharashtraigers
No sound without silence. Sound does not only represents the songs we listen to, the voices we hear or the noise we discern. Sound is beautiful, it sometimes reminds us of a person we love, people we care about or simply things we know. But with our busy lives sometimes the sounds take up too much of our minds space, sometimes it is the silence that you need to realise the sounds that matter. Hence the lotus temple, A perfect place to enjoy the silence and find the sounds worth living for. . . .......................................................................... Vscocam Vscobest Vscoindia Vscoasia Vscorussia Featuremevsco Convexrevolution Myhallaphoto Traveldiaries Indiapictures Indiagram Instagood Instadaily Instagramindia  LGG3 Indianstories Lonelyplanetindia Peoplescreative Thecreativeaffair Yourworldgallery Planhatke Neverstopexploring  Delhi JustAThought
Appreciation shown to the past is not needed, please look forward. Human Hand JustAThought Message EyeEm Sky Austria Mesaagetoyou Blue EyeEm Nature Lover
My left hand has never been this beautiful JustAThought
Half Empty Half full ! Devoutcoffee Halfemptyhalffull Latteart Emtpy Emptiness Randoms Coffee Coffeeteaorme Coffeetime Coffeelover Full Foodie Foodforthought JustAThought ThoughtForTheDay
JustAThought Christianity Jesus Is My Savior Jesus Jesus Saves Love Literature Enjoying Life Check This Out Jesuslovesme &&He loves you too♡
| All what you need for a new spirit... İs the positive thoughts and smiles around you. 😉 Nature Summer TBT  JustAThought 2015
En mi viejo San Juan Puerto Rico Delatetaboricua Night Converse Suchablessing People Island Relax Dreamer's Vision Female Femalephotographer Feminista JustAThought First Eyeem Photo
Fakes JustAThought
Clickoftheday Light And Shadow Thoughts Pickoftheday Shades JustAThought
все новое - хорошо забытое старое. спасибо @d307from313 за напоминание о прекрасных GnarlsBarkley и их шедевральном StElsewhere . не могу наслушаться JustAThought WeirdMusic
Notice how traditional wedding vows say " have and to HOLD..." To hold is to take care and cherish what you have. To handle something means to just do with it whatever you need and then put it down, pass it on or throw it away. You may wanna reevaluate things if you're being handled instead of held by your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. JustAThought ICanBeDeepLikeThatSometimes Hold Held Handle Handling ToHaveAndToHold
So here's a move to change for me: stop using the magic skin effect on camera 360. This picture is filtered on HDR, and so far, i love how it didn't hide the flaws in my face. ;) Good morning! Just woke up.. Selfie Sunday Igers JustAThought
RandomThinking JustAThought TalkingAboutNOoneInParticular CounselorInTraining FormerChildBehaviorCoach
To write or to type, to be silent or just hype! JustAThought Me Thoughts Conflict Choice Close-up Ink Well Writing Instrument Display
The Blank Connection! Missing Connection JustAThought Choice Studio Shot Close-up Adhesive Note Reminder Note