TalkTheTalk & WalkYourPride recording last year on Eid Days with Burnie & @bellaborra. Throwback .
Got nominated for the Best Hip-Hop Song at this year VIMA Asia. TalkTheTalk by @provellakapz feat. Myself. We got choosen because we got 3rd placed for MY Hip-Hop Awards last year. Alhamdulillah, Thank God fo' this wonderful opportunity.
Here's the list of the nominees that will compete fo' the Best Hip-Hop Song in this year's Vima Asia. ViMAAsia2014 BestHipHopSong TalkTheTalk by @provellakapz feat. Sleezy Moss.
Np - TalkTheTalk by @theunstoppableinc.
I've been a big believer in speaking things into existence, asking and knowing that you shall receive and speaking life into a dead situation...and looking at my Facebook movie just reaffirmed my belief. I posted that status and 4 months later I met this great guy and 3 months after that I became his girlfriend and we're going on 2 years. Speak it and it'll happen!!! SpeakItIntoExistence Sayit TalkTheTalk SpeakLife Love
TalkTheTalk by @bellarovella feat. Me. MalaysiaHipHopAwards2013 . Songoftheyear . Cast your votes here - Your votes will be appreciated fo' shizzy.
I've gotta admit it that i'll remember those 3 pictures above fo' the rest pf my life. That's where TalkTheTalk all began and @provellakapz always brings out the best in me. I thank God cause i met her. StoryOfMyLife TheUnstoppableINC .
TalkTheTalk by @provellakapz and myself. MY Hip-Hop Awards nominee for Song of the Year & ViMA Asia nominee for Best Hip-Hop Song. I'm proud of its achievements, 2014 will be a whole new experience. TheUnstoppableINC .
Np - BorneoGliders by @theunstoppableinc. We lacked of softwares and tools to get this mixtape done (Me especially) but I'm proud of the achievement in the whole process. Matter of fact, TalkTheTalk was nominated for the Best Hip-Hop song & Song of the Year for the ViMA 2014 & MY Hip-Hop Awards 2013 respectively. It ain't bad though.