finally, she shot video! meet the woman with her monopod as the bow, her nikon as the arrow, @feby_valentine as i say, the coolest woman are not the ones in front of the camera, but the ones behind it:D Ironmaiden Videoshoot Monopod Cool Coolgirl Work GF Nikonshooter Bw Blackandwhite Gentlewoman
Hat Hats Funny Moments Fun Girl Girls Gentlewoman Moustache Moustache World Moustachewomen Looking At Camera Girlpower Self Portrait Selfies Selfportrait Miss Self Portrait Around The World Selfie Portrait Selfietime Selfie ♥ Style And Fashion Foreground Hand In Face Selportrait Black And White Portrait
Black And White Portrait Selportrait Hand In Hair Foreground Style And Fashion Selfie ♥ Selfie Portrait Self Portrait Around The World Miss Selfietime Self Portrait Girlpower Looking At Camera Selfportrait Selfies Gentlewoman Girl Girls Fun Funny Moments Hats Hat Tie Black And White Blackandwhite Portrait
Blackandwhite Portrait Tie Hat Hats Funny Moments Girl Girls Gentlewoman Selfies Selfportrait Girlpower Self Portrait Self Portrait Around The World Selfietime Miss Selfie Portrait Selfie ♥ Style And Fashion Black And White Fun Hand In Hair Selportrait Black And White Portrait Foreground Enjoying Life
I heard great things about this book by @bereolaesque...can't wait to read ? ? ? Gentlewoman EnitanOBereolaII