She was afraid to ho near the edge Notrust Pushherovermaybe
Yalanlaar, yalanlar. Notrust Darling All Lies
Hell yeah you damn right I'm selfish and mean!!! When it comes to the actions of other ppl.. Ain't nobody putting me thru shit and I won't waste my time Sagittarius Notrust Fukumean
What the fuck Notrust Whyeven NotHappy ? Justleave
Dextermorgan ... Notrust ... Washmacine
the picture talk by himself... Notrust
So true..but never again..Broken Notrust Imnotworthless **tears**
Wherewereyou Notrust Thuglife DontTryMe
Never get to close.. Fuckedup Life Notrust Issues
You better start taking these bitches to a water park or swimming on a first date HAHA Notrust