Chilling at my Brody's house Bestboyfriendever Lovehim
Floripa Bestboyfriendever
Ace & Queen 😘😍💑💜 Bestboyfriendever Relationshipgoals Summergoals
I Miss You Bestboyfriendever Love You Are My Life
with ❤❤❤ Throwback Bestboyfriendever
Este es el hombre con quien compartiré el resto de mi vida... no tengo duda de eso! Es el hombre que Dios puso en mi vida y quien me cuida como la niña de sus ojos!... te amo mi amor... eres el mejor Two People Love Bestboyfriendever Togetherness Romance Mybaby❤
The case my love bought me for my iPod:) Pretty Eiffeltowercase Loveit Bestboyfriendever
Memories Oneyearshooting LongTimeAgo  Love Bestboyfriendever Forever
White Background Single Object Close-up Ring Rings 💍 Blackandwhite Black And White Black And White Collection  Viking Viking Art Wolf EyeEm Best Shots - Black + White Eyeem Photography Silver  Bestboyfriendever
when you boyfriend brings you starbucks.:)! Starbucks ❤ Bestboyfriendever
Cat school - Pendant Witcher3 Witcher EyeEm Best Shots Bestboyfriendever Silver  The Witcher Thewitcher3wildhunt Birthday Check This Out
Tuliptherapy Tulipfestival Tree Garden Landscape Grass Tulips Tulip Flower Flowers Peace Love Spring Birthday Bestboyfriendever @libragrant
Boyfriend Gift Teddy<3 In Love ♡  Bestboyfriendever Lucky
Two of my favorite souls. Bestfriends MyLoves Bestdogever Bestboyfriendever Sunday Afternoon
Got flowers and chocolate for valentines day!! ;) Bestboyfriendever ❤ TooFaced Chocolatebarpalette
Bestmodaloftheworld Bestboyfriendever Greatday Date Sunset Nfilterneeded P9huawei DualCamera Bestphone Sandwalk Beach Day First Eyeem Photo
Bestboyfriend Cute Couple Loveofmylife HappiestGirlEver Inlove Bestboyfriendever
Bestboyfriendever Gift Stern Sternschnuppen Meteor Love Star
Love U... 😍❤️️ Bestboyfriendever
It's the little things that count.. Bestboyfriendever
My boyfriend and I have a long-distance relationship,we see each other twice a year. This is a picture of us talking on skype and celebrating new year in our own special way. Today we start our 4th year as a couple. I want to use this picture as a thanks for making so much time for our relationship and being patient with our situation. He has been so supportive and wonderful. RePicture Giving Boyfriend Skype Love Bestboyfriendever ps. He also surprised me with a wand from Remus Lupin as a gift. If he accepts your craziness about your fandom , he is the one.
Birthdaygift Thanksbae Ilovehim S&m Yewellery Perfect Minimalism Bestboyfriendever Inlove Check This Out
Best  Love Bestboyfriendever
When Joey takes cute couple pictures with me <3 Cutestcoupleaward Bestboyfriendever Lovehim Hubby
Fotography Bestboyfriendever
Uhhmm... Came home to this after a hard day of work. Not pictured: Bacon , three twins Madagascar vanilla, root beer, Cheese and chocolate cake. Omg Love Bestboyfriendever @sleepy_beard
Visiting Bestoftheday Bestboyfriendever Polaroid Love Myalways
Rascal flatts was my birthday present from ricky :-) Rascalflatts Concert Birthdaypresent Bestboyfriendever ilovecountry
The love of my life.❤️? Iloveyou Bestboyfriendever DeeplyInLove
De sjoe ♥ Myone&only  Bestboyfriendever Forever ♡
<3 111 <3 Bestboyfriendever Iloveus
Porque com você a vida é mais feliz ❤️ 1.4 ❤️ Bestboyfriendever
Bestboyfriendever Diamonds @h_evan_s
Flowers Flower Collection Roses Valentine Bestboyfriendever
My boyfriend > your boyfriend ♡ Iloveyou Presents Bestboyfriendever Cutie
6 months with this cutie yesterday MyBoyFriend Bestboyfriendever
I came home from work with a package by my door. Ricky bought me the best Disney more movie ever!! Bestmovieever Bestboyfriendever Frozen Letitgo ilovesurprises disney
Cant wait til my next reenactment with my bestfriend💕💏💕 Bestboyfriendever
This is about to go dowwwn!!! Beenwaiting Bestboyfriendever Frozen DVD youcantborrowit
When I don't feel good he always takes care of me:) Longday Feellikecrap Bestboyfriendever @austin_dingess
Boyfriend Loveyou Bestboyfriendever Yourawesome mine foreverandalways
Bestboyfriendever Tanor Wecute Lovehim
Musical Phantomoftheopera Beautiful Like Present Thankyou Love Bestboyfriendever Loveofmylife
Becauseilovehim Myhappyplace Bestboyfriendever Foreverandalways
Ohyeah Cookinitup Bestboyfriendever
my x-men army grew today. Bestboyfriendever X -men
Love♥ Loveofmylife ♥ Bestboyfriendever InLoVewithHim Eightmonths Happy Together
This ❤️? Bestboyfriendever .
The best boyfriend ever <3 Emo :3 Emo Girl Boyfriend❤ Bestboyfriendever Scene Girl