Wheat harvesting... Although it's the hardworking of the farmer. But nature's gamble. This season brought the misery to them. Motivation Instafollowers Followforfollow Followme Indiagram Instamood Instaevening Vscospot Vscoindia Vscoasia ASIA Punjabvillage Pind Instapind Itraveliclick Punjabiculture Tractor Harvesting Harvester Traveldiary Instagram Instapunjab Oyeitsindia @oyeitsindia _oye _soi @streets.of.india @tv_colors @vsco.india nature wheatfarmer farmers hoshiarpur village
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Boiling election fever on Delhi roads. Let's c who gonna take the capital this time. Itraveliclick Election Newdelhi Delhielection Aap BJP India_and_me Hindustan India Vsco_spotlight Instapic Instagram Instaevening NETGEO NDTV Aajtak Zeenews Bbcworldnews _soi @streets.of.india
Office birthday party. I thank to all for there blessing and wishes. And there kind gratitude towards me. Love u all. Thanks once Again for making me feel so special on this day. Birthday Minebirthday India_and_me Itraveliclick Instagram Instamood Vsco_spotlight Photography Office DelhiGram Delhi_igers Hotgram Followforfollow Followme Friendsforever Yaar Likesforlikes Likes TBT  Throwback Photography Photographer Indiagram Ip_meet Instaevening vscospot vscoindia vscoasia blessed love loveforever
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