TBT  with this chump :D. Thesquad Turi TuriVibes FilterForDays
Country road. I am coming home when the snow trips north this season. Country Road Winter Snow Countryside Rural Field Snowy Snowy Days Sunset Evening Light Estonia Turi Sky Baltic Snowfall Telephone Line Telephone Poles Linear Perspective Memories Road Trees Nobody Peaceful Seasonal Home For Christmas Paint The Town Yellow
Taking selfies with this legend. Selfiegametoostrong Selfie Turi Weekendvibes GladToBeBackHome
Capturing moments. Squad Schoolvibes SquadSaturday Turi . Legend
Even the dimmest of smiles can brightens up the dullest of days. Thesquad Lovethesetwo Turi
Ootan arvamusi vms. Winter Bench Sunset Snow Park Turi Nofilter
Telephone poles on a snowy country road in a place called Lokuta, in Türi, Estonia. Diminishing Perspective Pylons Pylons And Power Lines Snowy Copy Space In Sky Copy Space Snowy Road Country Road Telephone Poles Evening Light Snow Road Winter Linear Perspective Estonia Forest Background Field Countryside Rural Sky Clear Sky Wintry Cables And Wires Snowfall Nobody Sunlight Turi Lokuta Blue Sky Trees
💜 bendigo mi ciudad 💜 AllYouNeedIsEcuador Cuenca Ecuador Turi Thanks  God Panoramic Picoftheday Happy Sunset Sunrise Love
Walking the dog on a snowy road as a giant sun begins to set. Winter snow snowy snowfall Road sunset walking The dog Dog Walking telephone poles sky Winter Snow Snowy Snowfall Road Sunset Walking The Dog Dog Walking Telephone Poles Haze Fog Evening Light Dusk Sunrise Estonia Turi Snowy Snowfall Countryside Rural Landscape Walks Sun Orange Sunset Crimson Sunset Mix Yourself A Good Time
“And if you think my winter is too cold, you don’t deserve my spring.” Winter Landscape Diminishing Perspective Baltic Countries Pylon Pylons And Power Lines Winter Snow Road Snowy Road Telephone Poles Linear Perspective Fog Foggy Snowfall Baltic Climate Wintry Country Road Nobody Blue Sky Frozen Field Landscape Turi Estonia Cables Wires Snowy Days Outdoors Telephone Lines
Bunga Turi (Agathi Flower) Agathi Fabaceae Plant Tropical Turi Turi Flower Vegetables White Flower
"Thus, a central goal of inner courage is to bear our humannes and integrate our experience so that we might strengthen the bond between living things and not add to the tearing of wings smaller than our own....." Awalk Turi Thoughts
Bankside by Turi 's river. Sunset Nofilterneeded Gold Beauty nautre
Clouds Whiteclouds Sun Afternoon Pomeriggi Nuovole Madamacrisitna Sanslavario Turi Turinsunset Torinoélamiacittá Whitedreams White
Felt myself a little too much. Turi TurkAna WORKHARD Progress StraightFlexin. And I believe photo credits are due here, so @phillipamanya, well done :P
Venice Streetphotography Street Gondola - Traditional Boat Gondolier Panorama Turi City Cityscape Water Urban Skyline Sky Architecture Cloud - Sky Tower