Day 5 What part of SH do you hate the most? (Idc I'm just posting to get it done.) I would have to say the feeling you need it. Lesbian Lesbiansofinstagram Shc
I've gotten countless amounts of people asking for my story. Well, for the next thirty days, you get to find out. I may end up posting more than one a day but whatever. After this, I'll never post about it again. Shc 30day
I started self harm when I was eight. I've been in recovery sense July second of this year. I started because I thought it would help me with my grandma dying. It was completely stupid. I regret every moment. Shc 30days
Var längesen men nu dags igen! Div 2 Brunkens hembygd! Heijja Suuudre! Shc Tryckiladan
Day 2 What part of your body is most affected by SH? My legs. Its the only spot I could hide. Lesbian Lesbiansofinstagram Shc
Day 4 Do you consider yourself "addicted"? No. At one point I was. It felt like I needed it. That without it I would die. That nothing else could help me but that. And it sucked. Giant fucking balls. Lesbian Lesbiansofinstagram Shc
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