Hahaha have fun with his gadget.. definetly proud of him he can use his gadget well haha Mycutebro
Life is about givig each other ...Haha our story yesterday on kidz bethel sunday school. Brotherhood Mycutebro
Enjoy my quality time with Mycutebro
Hahahah nice shirt... "Bos Besar Versi Mungil" hahahah cool Mycutebro
His activity when sunday school.. Make an love Origami. Mycutebro
Hahahaa he really miss me.. Mycutebro
Haha look his face, he tottaly enjoy his cup noodle... we were brotherhood, what a happy day for me this sunday... Brotherhood Mycutebro Ourstory Kidzbethel
Enjoy his tab...@farel was enjoying his tab Mycutebro Lovefamily Mylittlecutebrother
I wonna be drummer hahaha, my little cute bro Farrel was playing drum.... i definetly think he will be a drummer soon... haha. As long as he WATCHING and HEARING when he come to chruh every week, he will grow fast..proud of him.. Mylittlecutebrother Mycutebro Brotherhood Lovefamily
Our story last week on sunday school, hahaha what a beauty moment Brotherhood Mycutebro
Kasian banget my little bro Farel... ckckc... this pic atfer he got falling down from table... ckckc Mycutebro Littleboy Mylittlecutebrother Brotherhood
A busy kid with his new gadget hahaha Mycutebro