My boyfriend played around on some McGyver ish and amplified sound from the phone with a coaster and a cup. He called it Cheap Beats, LOL HeSoResourceful Resourceful Mcgyver McGyverIsh CheapBeats
Mayday Monday morning, the coffee maschine is broken. Houston we have a problem... Coffee Coffee Time Coffee - Drink Coffee Break Coffee ☕ Mcgyver Fixedgear FIXITJESUS Emergency Emergency Services Streetphotography Office Fun First Thing I See Junk IT Nerd Chucknorris Technikeristinformiert Kaffee Kaffeepause GERMANY🇩🇪DEUTSCHERLAND@ German Germany Notfunny Serious Day No People Indoors  Close-up
I made a contraption with a laser lens, magnifying thingy and other small items to get these close-up shots. Lol this is my eye. Mcgyver Eye
Kush 420 Juicy Jays Planes Highlife Mcgyver Grinder Pot
Bong Rips 420blazeit Hippie 420 Mcgyver Happy
Wahoo my Grandmother would be proud! Fixed It Get It Done Son Thats Me ♥ Favoritethings Enjoying Life Mcgyver Ibelieveinmagic Whoop Whoop
Yay Mcgyver Found Her Tools! Whoop Whoop I Can Check This Out Ibelieveinmagic Enjoying Life Favoritethings Thats Me ♥ Mcgyver Get It Done Son