At first they took the country then They took the water now they take our lives. Nature Freepalestine Nojustice Jesusitsyourfault
Make hummus not walls, apartheid wall. Palestine Freepalestine Nojustice Communication No People Banksy Banksyart Streetart Graffiti Art Graffiti
So sad to sit and watch this on the news wrong... prayers going out to the brown family can't imagine how they are feeling at this time ... and to find out the same time as everyone else...Kmt so disrespectful Justiceformike Nojustice NoPeace mikebrown rip
And my beautiful walk to workNojustice PNW
Apartheid Wall. Symbol Freepalestine Nojustice Palestine
Random oldie Zimmermannotguilty Nojustice
When you put your faith in man and things of the world, you will often be disappointed and discouraged. But mine rests in God, not this country's justice system. Though my heart is heavy, my God is a just God and Zimmerman will have to answer to him on Judgement Day and be held accountable for taking the life of one of his children. Nojustice Trayvonmartin
One nation, under God, indivisible, with Liberty and SOME justice for all. Praying that Trayvon Martin's parents, family and friends find strength and eventually peace. Sadbuttrue Nojustice Trayvonmartin
I can't make you free. Mammal Domestic Animals Close-up Monkey Nojustice Monyet Animal Blackandwhite Blackandwhite Photography Bnw Bnw_collection EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm Animallovers Rethink Things Black And White Friday
Idk why but the sunset out my hospital window is like very red purple blue i only.put a 1977filter but its beautiful Nojustice
Repost Trayvon Trayvonmartin Nojustice justice truth overcome
Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton have shown such grace, dignity and composure throughout this whole ordeal and even during the verdict outrage. I pray that God continues to be with them and their family. Vengeance is the Lords โ™ฅ TracyMartin SybrinaFulton Nojustice Trayvonmartin Peace PrayingForPeace PrayingForJustice JusticeForTrayvon Strength Faith Hope TrustInGod God VengeanceIsMineSaidTheLord
Today is such a sad day. Its already hard being african american but now we can't mind our own damn business Nojustice Restinpeacetrayvon Hoodiesup
John1633 Peace Overcome Nojustice trayvon trayvonmartin jesus justice @Over madewithOver
In my backyard! Badcam Nojustice Pretty Flower photooftheday
Beautiful sky Nojustice Sky Colors