Lady Pinoy Pinoystyle Pinoyart Pinoyartist art artwork artist cubist cubism phillipines philippineart itsmorefuninthephilippines lady kevoartist artist asianart asian filipino filipinoart filipinoartist
i am not really in sketching :( i can:t copy the exact appearance :( Sketch Pinoystyle Pinoyartist Kevoartist
Yahoo! I am done.... Stress released. :) how do u find my artwork? Cubism Itsmorefuninthephilippines Pinoystyle Pinoyartist filipinoartist kevoartist watercolor watercoloronpaper
Mother and child Motherandchild Pinoyartist Pinoy Filipinoartist filipino phiippines asianartist cubism cubist filipino philippines artwork painting
My first try to use only one color (brown) for this artpiece.... Watercolor Pinoyfave Pinoystyle Pinoyartist pinoyart pinoyartistry filipinoartist filipino philippineart
2nd day! Art ArtWork Artist Shirley'sart Filipinaartist Abudhabi UAE Uaeart Pinoyartist Pinoy
At last, t'was already framed. 24"x36" Countryside. and was able to deliver it to the client :) hope more blessings to come. Art Pinoy Pinoyartist Asianartist watercolor painting art itsmorefuninthephilippines
Mother.and child Motherandchild Mama Mother Pinoyartist art painting filipino filipinoartist itsmorefuninthephilippines travelphilippines discoverphilippines wowphilippines philippines asianartist
One of my favorite pieces :) Pinoypride Pinoy Pinoyart Pinoyartist filipino filipinoart filipinoartist asian asianart philippinearts philippines art painting worldart
Swirls.. Red Swirl Pinoyartist Filipinoartist art artwork artist
Madonna and Child Motherandchild Painting Pinoyartist Pinoyart filipinoart filipinoartist filipino art asianartist itsmorefuninthephilippines wowphilippines watercolor
Lady in Blue Hat Pinoy Pinoyart Pinoyartistry Pinoyartist filipinoart filipino filipinoartist philippineart painting art
Painting mode... Cubism Painting Ladies Pinoyartist watercolor kevoartist
Kevoartist Painting ArtWork Pinoyartist filipinoartist
Just finished another Mother and child artpiece.. Pinoystyle Pinoy Pinoyartistry Pinoyartist pinoyart filipino filipinoartist art artwork painting kevoartist cubism watercolor watercoloronpaper motherandchild madonnaandchild
who is he? hahahha epic fail.. wasn't able to copy his face hahahaha Sketch Pinoyartist Filipinoartist Drawing
Check this fb account i made to post some of my paintind aside from my weebly account. Itsmorefuninthephilippines Wowphilippines Pinoy Pinoyartist pinoyart filipino filipinoart filipinoartist painting homedecor decor
Forest Forest Pinoyartist Filipinoartist Kevoartist art artist artwork painting ... one of my friends comented that this somewhat like the work of vangogh .. i am pretty much flattered.. thanks t.meow