By @keithfoocliqueofficial "Adegan yg Palingggggggggggg Mengharukan ! Touching gilaaa... Nangis2 dah ni :'( wuuuuu Akhirnya Ariana Rose Sah milik Adam Kamil DWTAK Tengkuadamkamil Love ArianaRose tillJannah aaamiinnn! forever" via @PhotoRepost_app
That eye to eye contact. Got this photo from TV3's Facebook. They're just so sweet together and I can't deny how good their acting was. If this were to be aired on Singapore's channel,no doubt,I'm gonna watch still. Not forgetting,the author herself,for the good write up on the story!(author dia pun berlakon jugak tau dalam ArianaRose !) you know,to me,this story teaches you that, Kalau dah jodoh,takkan ke mana. Gosh,I'm missing ArianaRose & Tengkuadamkamil already. Tengku Adam is so sweet!!! macam macam surprise dia buat dekat Ariana. cara dia cari ArianaRose pun dah mcm boleh jadi gila. never will i forget this line "Ariana,please come back." this is what Tengku Adam said bila tk dpt nak jumpa ArianaRose . alololo. Adding on,Liyana(the 'wicked witch' in this story which was acted by Nabila Huda. wow,she have made her role berjaya! so many people hated Liyana! me toooo!! jahat gila pls Liyana. apart from all of that,I'm already missing ArianaRose (the sweetest drama that i'be watched). I went so emotional when Ariana called Tengku Adam , Bubbly Boo. isn't that cute?! awwwww ?? and ofcourse towards its ending,Tengku Adam got jealous when he saw Ariana with Samuel. hahahahha. too cuteee! it's a waste if you didn't watch this drama. now that it's over,but you still can watch it on :) lastly,Thank you so much for the lovely good quality drama. Thank you for the sweet ending ??? ArianaRose (FathiaLatiff) , TengkuAdamKamil (KeithFoo) , Liyana (NabilaHuda) , Ramzul (ArjaLee) , Harith (HisyamHamid) .