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One of the weirdest finds yet on a tombstone. I was visiting my husbands grave and found this... Tombstonetuesday Tadaa Community Black&white Suicideawareness Reality Reflection Time TimeHeals Lonely Lonelyinmypain
well this might be 10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will 5% pleasure, 50% pain but 100% reason for me to remember the name  TimeHeals Unbaes Noregrets !Lmgo
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THE GREATEST GIFT YOU CAN GIVE SOMEONE IS YOUR TIME. BECAUSE WHEN YOU GIVE YOUR TIME, YOU ARE GIVEN A PORTION OF YOUR LIFE THAT YOULL NEVER GET BACK! Honestly the only thing I regret is Time itself! I didn't realize or pay no mind in how much time is worth and how little time we have. I learned the hard way Trust me! Right When my father left this cold world and earned his pair of Angel Wings. That's the day I realized and felt the true meaning of pain in time and I was lost in it. Constantly dwelling on the shit I told myself I didn't want to see this day come without me telling my pops how much he meant to me. I lost through the mind of a procastinator! I was Definitely crushed my whole world collapse and time froze, I was filled with mixed emotions it hit me all of sudden. I wasnt strong enough deal with it at that time. It was eye opener breath taking hearth breaker all the same Damn time! I didn't want accept the fact it was to late and there's no turning back. I couldn't take it no more I was wreck emotionally n mentally and reality was getting the best of me. so I fell weak on my knees, gasping to breath, tears were flowing, I felt like drowning in my cries of hope begging for God sakes mercy wishing it was only a bad dream, I begged time after time I begged god to take me back in time, I begged fear to let me free! I was slave puppet chained up to the Ticking Tocks clocks of Regretful painful misery! Never again! I begged myself to never again to lose track of time and in touch with myself and my family! till this day I floss a watch in tribute to my fathers last memory! TickTock! Free At Last! R.I.PARIDISE BELOVED FATHER 4/22/13 TimeIsTicking TimeIsTocking TimeKills TimeHeals TimeFeels TimeLies TimeFlys TimeIsMoney TimeIsFunny TimeIsLove TimeIsPain TimeChanges TimeGoes TimesFast TimesSlow TimeAlwaysWatching TimeLives BestGiftInLife Time Miss U Dearly Pops! Not one day goes by my watch reminds me of my childhood tI'll now memories! every minute, every hour, every time! I hear the ClockTickTock!