Every Artist has their own unique ways of different techniques to put their Visions into Art Forms. Sometimes I trip on the vivid images that I sketch out of my mind! This is my free hand drawing I named "AlexansdrosMetamorphosisI also drew this photo. For my next. chest Tattoo. A Phoenix Bird That signify "Rebirth" in my life That's my Metamorphic form of "Change and Reborn" And a White Dove Will signify my proof that father gave me signs and came to me multiple times right after my he passed away a significant of Love, Peace, holy spirit and harmony. MyGodGivingTalent Artist DontBeJelly Art FreeHand Drawings Visions Thoughst Gifted Blessed PhoenixBord WhiteDove BelovedFather Love Peace HolySpirit Harmony Signs BirdsHaveMeaning Rebirth Change AlesandrosMetamorphosis MyProof ScaredFoLife SoulSurvivor F4F LeadPencil Tattoos Ink
Me and my bæ!? Love her!!? Mybae💕 Tumblrchicksbabyyy Wecool DontBeJelly ?