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Finally I found a nice roomie picture !!! Found it on my phone !!! Think we took it few weeks back !!!Roomielove Canneverdecideonagoodone Trouble @shanandrea Bamseeitde ! cropchunchilol
First Tea time with my roommate Roomielove
Turntup Tuesday! Alberts Dormont Bikerbars Roomielove
MTL Roomielove Montréal Stylish Streetstyle Blackstyle Urban
Brownies og is - perfekt mod ondt i halsen! @monabd Brownies Icecream Roomielove Chill
Amnesia survival kit. Twentythree Gettingold Roomielove Sorrymom
We decorated for fall at the dorm! Dormlife Roomielove Owls Owloween fall orange decorations
Bed Time ♥ Sick :( Roomielove
Came home to this on my nightstand, love it! Cute Roomielove
Repost Ravensnation @hannahhh_03 @maryavery Roomielove
Roomielove Friend Happiness ?
Spontaneous trip to Julian! Roomielove Stormyday Brrrr Smalltown imisshome shouldbestudying ooops
Gotta love the rommie @shannel ..... she definitely not gonna make me starve :-D ... Sunday dinner ... Roomielove Beastmode Nothomesick Belizeanfoodandmusic inheaven givemetheguanatail ihungry