Cousins. Whatacutie
Whatacutie Tucker Ilovecockapoos
Bigeyes Surprise WOW Whatacutie Thats Me  People Watching Helloworld Selfie That's Me Hello World
He isnt very bright.?☺ Confused Whatacutie
Back when stone washed jeans were cool Whatacutie
Whatacutie Lovehersomuch MYeverything <3
Got to see my hunky boyfriend twice in two days! He's even hunkier thanks to his hair cut and i will see him tonight at the fair Daymade Whatacutie Myhunkyman
Nothings cuter than a guy in a canes uniform?? yall should follow him tho? Whatacutie Thatuniformtho Followhim
Birthday card from the cutest @poppysimpson Heart Birthday Whatacutie
Happy Birthday! Whatacutie