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The Easter Bunny has arrived. Presents Easterbunny Happyeaster Love Family Yorkieinthebackground Myfamily Gonnamisseverybody 6DaysToGo
Thankiiieee so much sa nagbigay ng fruits saken yesterday. Hoping na gumaling nko ^^ Fruutiee 6DaysToGo Stillsick Goodmorning GodblessUs GV
Tea time 6DaysToGo
Thanks in advance @jerlynlee for this phone! Kahit hndi bago pero Good as New pa naman! I'll treat this as your Christmas Gift! LeLs 6DaysToGo Eksayted MerryAngChristmas ThanksGodForAll
"Be happy in the moment, that's enough. Each moment is all we need, not more." 6DaysToGo MarchOnMarch