My mentor, and current SHPE National President :) Nila Blessed  SHPE Smile
The best date I could ask for :) Casino Night Roaring 20s SHPE Love Life
2 years, 2 months <3 Basketball SHPE Love Bestfriend
Such wonderful company. :) SHPE Família Love Them
Preparing for our outreach event :D! Outreach Stem SHPE Love Them
Selfie with my mentor/SHPE National President! Mentor SHPE Blessed  Happy
Manager, assistant coach and coach for the SHPE soccer team :D Soccer SHPE
Buy Casino Night tickets from me :D SHPE
I'm so blessed with my education and supportive friends and family! They're the ones who matter in my life <3 No one else matters because they're not important and their unnecessary comments just shows how stupid and inconsiderate they are. SHPE Family Friends Love
Silly faces and smiles with my love <3 SHPE Smile Being Silly Love