本当に大切な 親友 Closestfriend Bestfriend っているじゃないですか。あまり神頼みをしない彼らが、 熊手 Kumade を買いに行くのにつきあった夜がある。今、彼らにあの日からよく頑張ったと陰ながら讃えてあげたい。俺も見習わなければと、少し反省。 酉の市 花園神社 The Festivals appellation is called first Festival "Ichinotori",the second Festival "Ninotori",the third Festival "Sannotori". The origin of "Tori-no-Ichi" Festivals of the Japanese mythology of the Ameno-Hiwashino-Mikoto and the Yamato-Takeruno-Mikoto are worshiping as god,also the Ohtori Shrine commonly are called "Otori-Sama" and the Festivals on the days be bustling by worshipers,that days celebrate the Festival all day long. And this worship is that invoke a providence,give thanks to a divine favour,both it is that pray good fortune and good news in future and keep out of harm's way. 祭 Festival
Enjoy The New Normal Japanese Culture Discover Your City Tadaa Community Traveling Check This Out The Purist (no Edit, No Filter) Unique Festival A man has just bought a new year decoration at so called " Bird Day fair". 熊手 酉の市
ちょっと変わった熊手。 Tadaa Community Discover Your City Check This Out Unique The Purist (no Edit, No Filter) 酉の市 熊手 Festival Japanese Culture Travel
展示の熊手 熊手
Streetfood / Soul Food / Grill in Heaven / 熊手 / 屋台 Introducing Culture Of Japan Which Must Be Left To The Future…… 未来に残す日本の文化
Kumade 熊手 酉の市
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