This is where the Timelapse was set up ^___^ if I didnt have a fear of heights before, I do now BRITs2014
Today's the day -___- I've done big events before, but tonight feels different! BRITs2014 let's be having ya! ^___^ GoJohnnyGo
Louis Tomlinson One Direction BRITs2014
Niall Horan One Direction BRITs2014
So handsome ^^ so strong because he was jumping a lot!! Niall Horan BRITs2014
OMG Who remembers this?!? One Direction Harry Styles BRITs2014 Wee
Niall Horan BRITs2014 So In Love With Niall Horan Niall Horan ♥
ready for BRITs2014
KylieMinogue BRITs2014
"Love is when someone else's happiness is your happiness" 2 awards for my boys... I can't believe it. They have come so far and they never fail to make me proud. I've been in this fandom for 3years now, and they have been her for me every day... One Direction BRITs2014
KylieMinogue BRITs2014
KylieMinogue Pharell BRITs2014