I realize that I can't always rely on my own power and strength. So many times people disappoint me and I know I should never put my hope on anyone. God is my true strength and refuge, even though I can't see Him but I feel His presence in my life. He's been with me through good and bad. I couldn't imagine my life without Him. GodIsGood Foreverfaithful Hello World Enjoying Life
Favorite verse and favorite photomanipulation so far! Christian Lovelikechrist Faith Foreverfaithful  Lovegod BIBLEVERSE Bible Love Inspire Hope Youareworthy LoveYourself Dontgiveup Photographer Photographyislifee Photofun Photofun Youarebeautiful
GoodFriday  Foreverfaithful
Game one when we beat the packers! Foreverfaithful  Niners Niece  StartingYoung