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She always make me smile when I don't really feel like it...DaddiesGirl
My WCW Is My Lah Princess Ma'liyah Destinee Gibson , I miss you my love , wish the world could have meet you , and specially me and your daddy. But you will never be forgotten. Love you Liyah. DaddiesGirl MommiesPrincess BabyGibson LiyahGibb OurAngel
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GAVE HER A FLOWER TO REMIND HER HOW SPECIAL SHE IS TO ME 😍😍😍😍😍 MORNINGS HEADING TO NURSERY Child One Person MyAngel DaddiesGirl Outdoors Happiness Smiles 😘 Sony A6000 SonyPix DRSIMAGES
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The apple of my eye... Love DaddiesGirl
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;* i may find my prince charming one day, but my daddy will always be my king <3 Foreverandalways DaddiesGirl Lovehim Unbreakablebond
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Love my daddy ♥ BestDaddyEver Lovehim DaddiesGirl Unbreakablebond