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We finally got Mick's urn all set up.. I know this is a kind of weird post but I just felt like sharing it. I miss him a lot. I never thought I'd be without my best friend. Since he passed I just don't know how to deal with anything. I feel like a part of my soul is missing. I know it is. We connected on a spiritual level, and I will always be grateful to have had such an amazing soul to be my best friend. It was truly a gift to have such a wonderful soul love me. He was never "just a dog". He was my everything. I will always love him and miss him. And I will forever cherish the years that I did get to spend with such a great soul by my side. ❤ Restinpeace Mybubby Mydemon
Still one of my favorite photos of us. Me and my bubby back in 2012.. I've got one hell of a demon watchin over me. ❤ Restinpeace Mybubby Mydemon Satan Iloveyou
Mybubby enjoy the last of the snow.
the Goonies house. I Love Oregon. From The Movies Mybubby
I miss him so much right now, it's ridiculous. Ily Mybubby Me Theheart
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