The man who made sure me and my sister had more than what we needed. Never left us at any moment, he stood by our side no matter what. WhatATrueFatherDoes Flashbackfriday Ripdad Teextra ñoMasQNunca
Ripdad Gatlinburg Tennessee
I miss you more and more everyday dad I wish you were still here to see all ive accomplished and done ♥♥♥♥ Ripdad Missyou Restinpeace
NewInk Swordface Mongoliansword DiditforMilsy Ripdad MFFM
Remembering you with a poem: I dream of running so free with life that it didn't matter who jeered or made fun of me You were always the voice of being who I need to be The world needed to know the "Real" me & you held me down Even when I wrote the corny love letters to my first crush, Miss Ebony Brown I dream that I didn't cry as much because you were still here Making hearts smile instead of them wanting to disappear For when you left this Earth, it was difficult for all to bear First, Auntie, then Papa then there was Grandma dear I dream that all of you were still here, sharing the joys of how we've grown With your youngest son with all of his kids, carrying on a legacy of his own But the harsh reality is you've been gone for 24 years, How? Problems with Asthma at an age that I am now Same issue, different story My heart's going through the same But I pray everyday I live up to the name I miss you, Dad... Ripdad
Everyday Lives this was back in my home land Nigeria, my dad funeral. Ripdad EbeeNation
Tb to this beautiful day 😄 rest in paradise dad ❤️👼🏾 Kauai Hanalei Rooted Ripdad
Mydaddy Myhero Handsome Loveandmisshim Ripdad
So today is a very emotional day. Today is a day I never thought I'd see. Today is the day my step-dad passed away. August 4,1973-December 17,2012. It has been one year and I have sheded a lot of tears but thing I know I'll be able to see him heaven for eternity alone:) <3 Ripdad Loveyhu