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Again on my Fascination with Dead Roses . They're just so Beautiful . I know this sounds so wrong but it's a Dark and sad fact that some things (or even people) are more appreciated at Death . :( appreciate The Little Things in life. Appreciate the living too ;) oh well, off to plant/place them in their respectful pots :3 Flowers Vintage Floral Indieart
Just some more graphic art made in photoshop. 2nd version. Art Graphicart Photoshop Indieart indie color blue awesone wallpaper
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Meet my buddy ANGST. He used to be just a tiny Doodle on the corner of my readings. Now he a Vector Art, Digital Art with lotsa calers Digital Watercolor splatter splatter yea haha made with corel painter :) Colors Moon Art, Drawing, Creativity The Artist Indieart