TalkingHeads "you may ask yourself..."
TalkingHeads "and the days go by..."
TalkingHeads "...don't touch me I'm a real live wire"
Kermit as David Byrne Muppets TalkingHeads
Started 38 in one of my favorite ways, receiving original press vinyl. Theirishmexicans Userealvinyl TalkingHeads Sexpistols Buzzcocks Thesmiths Omd Seltek27
La banda sonora de mi vida TalkingHeads TheBigPink TearsForFears TheCars TheBlackKeys TeenageFanclub TheBeatles TheB52 TheBeachBoys
OpenEdit Taking Photos Check This Out Hanging Out Moma Newyork Music The Beatles TalkingHeads Bands the MOMA is my fav museum