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I feel like I am useless... But no I am wrong because many people who really loves me... Goodnight Eyeem Emotional Photography Night Lights Dreaming Of You ♥
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This is a selfie of myself. Added my own art work which is the red cracks and shatter marks on the skin, flames on bottom, and sparks in back ground with the red glow around body and wings. Heaet and wings added to symbolize the inner anger or "Monster" as I call escaping to the surface. My Monster That's Me Check This Out Escaping Hello World EyeEm Best Edits EyeEm Best Shots Artistic Expression Eyeem Emotional Photography Getting In Touch
So today I got my cap and gown for Graduation on Friday. I just want to say to the Class Of 2015 that we have come a long way to this very moment. A moment when we take the right of passage into the real world, where we will make something of ourselves. We are no longer children, but we are young independent adults that hopefully will change the world and make a difference all around. Class of 2015, we will move mountains and we will triumph in our battles and the struggles we face as one and struggles we face individually. I congratulate you all, for we are a fierce force that will put the petal to the metal and drive this world to a better place. Heartwarming Graduation Speech  Getting Emotional Eyeem Emotional Photography Excited??? YES!!! The Journey Begins California
RePicture Masculinity For You.... My Love Time Piece Wedding Band Yours Forever Dreaming How I Feel About You Never Give Up My Everything My World My Reason Is You Thank You EyeEm Gallery EyeEm EyeEm Best Shots Eyeem Emotional Photography Emotions Love Be Free ExpressYourself Be Not Afraid Love Conquers All... Forever In My Heart Love Without Boundaries
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I felt sad as I saw this poor bird that lay in the road, lifeless, his intestine exposed for another predator. All that can be done now is let nature take its course. With every death of one individual of that particular species, another is born. Nature works in wonderful yet mysterious ways. The water reflection next to that bird, representing life. All water flows and it comes to a stop, after taking you on passage ways of journey and adventure. Life doesn't last that long, so make it count. Eyeem Emotional Photography EyeEm Nature Lover Raw Life And Death Sad But True  Reality Life Is Short Reflection California
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Re edit of a man who had just lost his dog in his arms due to fire. Mississippi River Valley Illinois Eyeem JuliasGallery EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm Dogs EyeEm Pets Dogs Of EyeEm Eyeem Emotional Photography
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a view of Arlington national cemetery Eyeem Emotional Photography Eyeem Shot As Is Arlington National Cemetary Washington, D. C. Washington
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