Survival of the fittest No People Backgrounds Outdoors Textured  Close-up MistAke_Arts
Blurry Shaking Hands Blurred Blurred Background Blurred Visions Painting Dots Colors Colorful Colours Colourful Abstract Abstract Art Abstractions In Colors Abstract Backgrounds Green Color Blue Color Shaking Shaking Camera Mistake MistAke_Arts Mistake Art Mistakes Happen Mistakes Are Beautiful Blurred Motion
Photography In Motion Jumpshot Beautiful Nature Beachphotography MistAke_Arts Sudden Shot IPhoneography Iphoneonly Iphonephotography Iphonesia Randomshot Instamoment
.. almost done Portraits MistAke_Arts Art Happiness
Stop the bike CyclingUnites Blackandwhite TheWeekOnEyeEM The Week Of Eyeem Black And White The Great Outdoors - 2016 EyeEm Awards The Eyeem Award 2016 The Photojournalist - 2016 EyeEm Awards The 2016 EyeEm Awards The Street Photographer - 2016 EyeEm Awards Igersfc TheWeek On EyEem MistAke_Arts Forlì Igersworldwide People People Of EyeEm Molotovartvélo Backgrounds Full Frame Pattern Abstract Close-up Thecitylight The Street Photographer - 2017 EyeEm Awards
10 minute sketch ballpoint black pen. MistAke_Arts Hi! Art Eyes
watercolour painting.. abstract splash art work in progress. just a few more details. MistAke_Arts Art Colours Abstract Art
Mistake Failure  MistAke_Arts Taking Photos Hallo World Fireworks in Japan Fujifilm
more details.. MistAke_Arts Art Eyes Portraits
A mistake picture... Mistake Mistakes  MistAke_Arts EyeEm Best Shots EyeEmNewHere EyeEm Nature Lover Eye4photography  EyeEm Selects Bestoftheday Great View Malec Gebrek Science No People Technology Illuminated Futuristic Black Background Scientific Experiment Space Indoors  Day Shades Of Winter
Chair Exposure Mistake MistAke_Arts Mistake Photography Mistakesarestillcool Mistakes Happen Mistakesarebeautiful
More progress on this lady and flowers. Portrait MistAke_Arts Art Colours
More artworks to come. This is what's happening right now. Art Todays Hot Look MistAke_Arts Black And White Poetry Color Portrait Portraits
" restless " artwork done by me. First work of 2016 MistAke_Arts
"human skin" one happy mistake... Erotic_art Sexyselfie Human Body Part Human Skin Skin Man Men Menstyle EyeEm Best Shots EyeEmNewHere Eye4photography  EyeEm Selects Mistake Mistakes  MistAke_Arts Malec The Netherlands Background Blurred Background Blurred Bad Focus Black Background Abstract Full Frame Backgrounds Motion Studio Shot Textured  Close-up Indoors
some colour ... Art MistAke_Arts Portraits Eyes
Me and myself. Selfie ✌ Self Portrait MistAke_Arts Mistakes Happen Mistakesarestillcool Mistake Photography Mistakes Happen To Anybody One Person Inawhileatleast
My old work. Enjoy. Hello World Today's Hot Look MistAke_Arts Art
Melting Ice Cream Broken Heart Ice Cream Melting Heart Melting Ice Melting Ice Cream MistAke_Arts Sadness Art Is Everywhere
oeps.. Oh Oh That Doesn't Look Good Oh Oh! EyeEmNewHere EyeEm Best Shots Mistake Mistakes  MistAke_Arts The Netherlands Wrong Broken Key Broken Stuck Metal No People Close-up Wealth Full Frame Indoors  Day
Photographer's mistake Illuminated Outdoors Night Football Projector Mistake MistAke_Arts Camera Shake
new work of a very awesome guy.. (; MistAke_Arts Art Eyes Portrait
almost done... enjoy. (; Today's Hot Look Portraits MistAke_Arts Color Portrait
new work in progress... portraits are becoming easier, but I still need more practice. MistAke_Arts Haircut Art Portrait
she played with fire... its only a matter of time til she realizes that she's the kerosene-juan santos quitugua (c) 2014 Fire Kerosene MistAke_Arts Art
Photography In Motion MistAke_Arts Traintravel some mistake look better. Just like this one.
Sunrise MistAke_Arts Wrong Setting Hello World That's Me just making mistakes as its too early. Good mistake though.
more progress on this. enjoy my work. Today's Hot Look Art MistAke_Arts Portraits
"Forgotten" (failed attempt at using a healing brush in Snapseed got interesting very quickly)Experimental Edit MistAke_Arts Portrait Mistake Art Snapseed The Portraitist - 2017 EyeEm Awards
Something I drew oh so long ago MistAke_Arts Todays Hot Look Art
Poetry. Mornings, Monday's, Coffee Mugs, and Flowers. Check This Out MistAke_Arts Estranged Monochrome Black And White Poetry Shades Of Grey Sound Of Silence
A drawing of an eye.. So far. Working on something here!! Please do enjoy.. The rest will be revealed later !! MistAke_Arts Art
a new work in progress. art of people. MistAke_Arts Art Portrait Blackandwhite
Hello World MistAke_Arts Art Today's Hot Look
Kinda crazy couple sun spots or lens flares captured. First of these kind for me in my very limited photo taking career the strangest part was they where only present in a series of photos then without changing or cleaning my lens thet never materailized again. Huh. Wierd. Just thought they were kinda neat. Oddities Aurora Sun Spots Sun Flares Lensflare Ufo Photo Bombing Different MistAke_Arts Accidential Beauty Color Shadows..... Auroras Photobombed Interesting Objects Orbs Behind The Veils Open Your Mind Raising My Vibration Great Capture EyeEm Gallery Facebook #twitter #kik #keek #tumbr #oovoo #skype #path And Now Eyeem Socialnetworks [a:347] Amazing_captures Showcase April Natur Showing Imperfection Telling Stories Differently Facebook #twitter #kik #keek #tumbr #oovoo #skype #path And Now #eyeem #socialnetworks Paint The Town Yellow
Backgrounds Nature Sky Close-up Outdoors Full Frame No People Low Angle View Night Mistake Photography MistAke_Arts
I write what I feel. I wrote this for a guy that I like... well I like him a lot actually. would he notice that he is the non sense I speak of? MistAke_Arts Black And White Poetry Gay Be Your Self
drew this doodle at work out of boredom. Please do enjoy. Today's Hot Look Sound Of Silence MistAke_Arts Portrait
new artwork. girl with green eyes. black ballpoint pen and green coloured pencils. looks rather bluish due to 'steph' filter. please do enjoy. Art MistAke_Arts Hello World Check This Out
Speed🚔 Speed MistAke_Arts Mistakes Happen Driving Around Nightphotography Long Exposure
Evanescenza 3 MistAke_Arts
Motion Night Black Background Performance Error Camera !! But Like It MistAke_Arts Mistake Photography Mistake Picture Light Lux Blue Yellow
today I write. about bones and skin. and growing into them. MistAke_Arts Poetic Black And White Poetry Monochrome
Abstract Close-up Drunk Nights Illuminated Long Exposure Mistake MistAke_Arts Mistakes Are Beautiful Mistakes Happen Night No People Outdoors Ups
Lifemoments Colour Of Life Wonderland☆ Crazy Moments Alice In Wonderland MistAke_Arts
another poem I wrote in 2013.. please do enjoy. Poetry Poetic MistAke_Arts Poet
progress shots of my new drawing MistAke_Arts Art Portrait Todays Hot Look
filtered version of my latest work. enjoy. Art Color Portrait MistAke_Arts Check This Out
Eyes and butterflies... Butterflies MistAke_Arts Art
10 minute black ballpoint pen sketch of sad girl. with highlighter make up. MistAke_Arts Check This Out Art Mask
Adjustments to be made and more details to add. Wanting to make it look exactly like the person I'm drawing. Portraits MistAke_Arts Black And White Poetry Todays Hot Look Art Today's Hot Look Check This Out
MistAke_Arts Art Tattoo Color Portrait
almost done. Eyes MistAke_Arts Colours The Stare
taking my sweet time. haste makes waste. ;) please do enjoy the process from right to left. MistAke_Arts (c)2014 Portrait MistAke_Arts Art Flowers
drawing by me and tonight I get wise with the whiskey. Whisky MistAke_Arts Relaxing Old Fashioned
another black ballpoint pen and coloured hoghlighter sketch of a girl. please do enjoy and thanks in advance. MistAke_Arts Colours The Stare Art
got most of the hair done. and parts of the turtle neck lacing design with a pendant. please do enjoy. thanks in advance. Todays Hot Look MistAke_Arts Art Hairstyle
more progress on this artwork. please do enjoy. thanks in advance. MistAke_Arts Art Flowers Hello World
Art MistAke_Arts Todays Hot Look Tattoo drew this last year...
my artwork of Dani Artaud. MistAke_Arts Art Portrait Colours
She leaves me no choice. Anchours must sink. Time must be grounded. MistAke_Arts
MistAke_Arts Poetic Black And White Poetry Roses poem I wrote in 2012 titled "inner arbiter"please do enjoy
Poetry at its worst... MistAke_Arts Shades Of Grey Monochrome Estranged Black And White Poetry
new artwork again.. will post the finished products of my work shortly. please do enjoy. MistAke_Arts Portrait Old Fashioned Art
I cant help but to love what my mind can do to me. I know it hurts like hell. it can definitely kill me. even so, I let it hurt like hell. because it has already killed me. now its only my soul that aches. -juan santos quitugua (2014) (c) MistAke_Arts Black And White Poetry Poetic
your sleeve, my tongue... your flaws are worn on your sleeve while mine are stapled to my tongue. MistAke_Arts Black And White Poetry Poetic Be Your Self
made a rose out of a kneaded eraser. and here is a poem I wrote in 2012 titled "to envy lust" .. Black And White Poetry Poetic Roses MistAke_Arts
new eye drawing in progress. red is back. MistAke_Arts Art Eyes Colours
What to do when you made mistake Abstract Photography Outdoors Night Cityscape Building Exterior Architecture Building Office Building Exterior Skyscraper Modern Gold Colored Digital Composite Illuminated City Mistakes Happen MistAke_Arts
when the cellphone 📱 dropped to you during shooting long exposure 😉 EyeEm Team EyeEm Selects Long Exposure MistAke_Arts ArtWork Light Trail Night Building Exterior Stories From The City Go Higher Visual Creativity Tail Light Light Painting High Street The Street Photographer - 2018 EyeEm Awards The Still Life Photographer - 2018 EyeEm Awards HUAWEI Photo Award: After Dark