The Godfathers Moldy Cellar

Waiting. For something or someone. Waiting ... Tattoo Insane Sane
It's selfie-friday over at my house. Why don't you join in? Selfie Self Portrait Selfie ✌ Tat Tat Tatted Up !
This is Winter in partille. No snow, but rain and grey skies. Rain February Sweden
Just standing around, waiting for sailors. Self Portrait Selfie Waiting Manly
Turbojugend Gothenburg. We celebrate 15 years with a three day bender this may. Turbojugend Gothenburg Sweden Party
Saturday night selfie. Nothing to it. Self Portrait Selfie Saturday
Sometimes I just put on my kutte and feel badass. Self Portrait Selfie Turbojugend
Flashed myself in the eye. This is some eyeem shit! Selfie Self Portrait Partille
This is me in work clothing. The lady's love it. It's something about being a man who can fix things around the house. So ladies, I am currently single. Work Electric Single ♥ Winding Down
"oh another selfie!" that's what everyone is thinking. But this one is in black and white. Black And White Self Portrait Quality Time Enjoying Life
This is my boss pose. "what?! Those were supposed to be ready last Tuesday! You're fired!" you get the drill. Boss Fired Dreaming
This is a #selfie outtake. Me flashing myself in the face with my sb900. Selfi : ) Selfie Self Portrait Flash!
I'm a ghost in bed. Barely there. Selfie Self Portrait InBed
I look good from the back. The front has no tattoos and a fat belly :'( It's time to hit the gym again. Fitness Tat Tat Tatted Up ! Tattoo Tattoo ❤
Light painting my living room. Turned our pretty cool. Home Sweet Home Home Light And Shadow
Today its a very special #selfie. It's a birthday selfie. Yep, I turn 33 today. Another year older, none the wiser. Birthday Selfie Selfportrait Mask
It's Sunday. Couchpotato Tired Enjoying Life Sane
A selfie king like me holding my own flashes? I need an assistant. Selfie Self Portrait Enjoying Life Tat Tat Tatted Up !
It's not your skin. It's mine. And what I do with it is none of your business. An old lady told me today I have destroyed my future with the tattoos on my head. I didn't even have the energy to dropkick her. Oldschool Tat Tat Tatted Up ! Love
As usual, been to work, came home and took a shower. Feel pfresh as fuck. Self Portrait Selfie Selfie ✌ Black And White
Tight. This is how I like my head done, close shave and a short mohawk. That is all. Mohawk Shave Barber Tattoo ❤
This is my pet gorilla. He has been on vacation for a while, but now he's back, with a vengeance. Selfie Selfportrait Gorilla Monkey
I love reading about hedonistic excess and drug abuse. #slash gnr Read This Reading Drugs Slash
In my world of pills... Medicine Sane Insane Morning.
#selfie world cup. Round 2. Here I am showing off my "muscles". #selfportrait #krale #turbojugend #stärtered #thrash #tattoo #fisheye #swag #yolo #hashtag #mobileedit #metrosexual sweden Selfportrait Selfie Sweden Fitness
#selfie world cup. Here is me, alone on a Friday night, just the way i like it. The weeks are full of stuffs, so my weekend is holy. Selfportrait Selfie Friday Weekend
This is the highlight of my day, coming home from work, shower and some fresh wear. Feeling pretty fly for a white guy. Self Portrait Selfie Selfie ✌
Time for a midnight turbo selfie. And as you can see, I have a knife. Turbojugend Selfie Midnight
This is the back cover to my book, "How to make the worst of your life" . Recovery Tired Sober
I'm the Selfie king. Self Portrait Tired Sober
Sod off, this stupid week. I have been sick, and can't wait for it to go over. Selfportrait Selfie Partille Sweden
I haven't literally seen the sun for weeks, so today I'm happy. Feels like winning the weather-lotto. #spring #sun TooEarlyForShorts? Spring Sun! Shorts T-shirt.
Internet fighting in style! Fight Fighting Peace ✌ Punk
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