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Dinner- Turkey burger taco on low carb tortilla with steamed broccoli and cup of mixed fruit. Its 8pm and I still have 540 cals left to eat :/ Caloriecounting Myfitnesspal Lowfat Lowcarb healthyeating weightloss toomuchfood imfull
Down 10 lbs!! Winning WORKHARD Workout Fitbit Myfitnesspal Planetfitnesscharleston Pactapp @fitbit @myfitnesspal @planetfitness @pactapp
-14 kg in 2,5 months. Thank you Myfitnesspal ! Photogrid Weightloss Healty goal fit justhestart happynewyear 2015 kk15 italianguy style
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BeforeAndAfter  ๐Ÿค— Motivation Myfitnesspal -12,5kg
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