Sweet friends .our projects will start with some hulp to the resident of the Vidigl slum resident .in Rio .it is one of the safest living earya in the City .we will work together with a local give the people some useful projects .making there live little bit easy .much acceptable and create some new promising ways in there daily hard lifes .please visit our website. . and if you know any one want or would love to help .let them too .many thanks . Hello World PROJETOVIGIGAL .RIO2014 Show Me The LOVE PROJETOVIDIGAL
Hallo friends .it is a weekend .the Friday .yes .I know that is your rest day after a long working week .But I wish to take your attention .for this thing. WE are trying to realise a Voluntary Projects in Brazil .in the Slum resident of the City of Rio. we need volunteers .or people who love to give little of there time to make the lifes of others much happier as normal as possible .please visit this Website. . for farther information .please do thanks . PROJETOVIDIGAL PROJETOVIGIGAL .RIO2014 Hello World Taken By Me
Yes that is me I was there I worker hard to help the people which I did not saw before .gave them much of my time .that was my will .I needed to say be happy with my little help .from abroad .I will come back and stay with you again to finish what I had started here .it was a sweet three months .in that sweet poor resident of a gigantic City of Rio..please look what we could do with your help to theses sweet humanbiengs . visit . . with best regards .. PROJETOVIDIGAL That's Me PROJETOVIGIGAL .RIO2014 Journey Into The Light