28th August is the new 25th December Florencewelch HappyBirthday Ouhoh Florenceandthemachine Goddess Howbighowbluehowbeautiful Lungs Ceremonials 29 Fatm Dea @ouhoh
-100 πŸ”Ί πŸ”» Howbigtour Florenceandthemachine Milan Assagoforum Florencewelch Mediolanumforum Fatm Howbighowbluehowbeautiful Hbhbhb Queenofpeace Live Ouhoh πŸ’•
-20 . . Florenceandthemachine @florence Florencewelch Fatm Assago Milano Howbigtour Hbhbhb Howbighowbluehowbeautiful Live Landscape Sky Bluesky
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The problem is that i'm always on the wrong side of the crowd and that i always take shitty photos, but that night she was perfect, Florence+the machine Florence Florencewelch Themachine Concert Bologna
To give yourself over to another body That's all you want really But to be your own and consumed by another To swim inside the skin of your lover Not to have to breathe, not to have to think But you can't live on love, salt water no drink The seas are still a violent mother The blood run down your pores like water Each wave a lamb led to the slaughter And like children that she just can't teach, you break, and break, and break, and break our selfs upon the beach. Florencewelch Florenceandthemachine Hbhbhb Odyssey Queenofpeace Longandlost Howbighowbluehowbeautiful
- 60 You think you have lost the faith, but you have not. You have only misplaced your faith and you can find it where it lies now, deep in your soul. And the way to do that is through the simple process of love. Love yourself.Forgive yourself. You can't love and forgive other people if you, first of all, don't love and forgive yourself. You have to realize that people are fallible beings, they make mistakes. They have to be excused from these mistakes and allowed to continue on their quest for a better life, and for goodness. So love yourself and then love other people. Please, forgive yourself, go on a journey for finding love and forgiveness. Love people... Florencewelch Florenceandthemachine Howbighowbluehowbeautiful Hbhbhb Howbigtour Milano Assago Goddess Landscape Ouhoh
Ceremonials 4 years ago ✨ Ceremonials Florencewelch Florenceandthemachine IGDaily Music Album Florence Photooftheday Landscape Redhead Goddess Flows Flove Lungs Hbhbhb
St Jude, the patron saint of the lost causes. St Jude, we were lost before she started. St Jude, we lay in bed as she whipped around us. St Jude, maybe I've always been more comfortable in chaos Stjude Florencewelch Florence Florenceandthemachine Howbig Howblue Howbeautiful Darkness Montain  Beautiful Magnificent Nature ElSalvador  Sivar Sivarmedia LosPlanes Milcumbres Naturaleza Hermoso
Cause I'm gonna be free and I'm gonna be fine (But maybe not tonight) Florence Florencewelch Delilah Howbighowbluehowbeautiful Howbig Howblue Howbeautiful Tattoo Water Air Nature ElSalvador  Sivar Music Indie
β€’ No light, no light in your bright blue eyes I never knew daylight could be so violent A revelation in the light of day, You can't choose what stays and what fades away β€’ 😚 😚 Space Stars Nightsky Nolightnolight Ceremonials Fatm Florenceandthemachine Lubbocktexas Lubbock Visuals Florencewelch Instanight VSCO Galaxies Planets Visittexas Texasskies Astrology
Con tutto il rispetto per l'estate, io aspetto l'inverno! 21/09 - Sufjan Stevens 21/12 - Florence + the Machine Sufjanstevens Carrieandlowell Carrieandlowelltour Florenceandthemachine Florencewelch Howbigtour Howbighowbluehowbeautiful Hbhbhb
Florenceandthemachine Florencewelch Love Music
St Jude, the patron saint of the lost causes St Jude, we were lost before she started St Jude, we lay in bed as she whipped around us St Jude, maybe I've always been more comfortable in chaos Howbighowbluehowbeautiful Florence Florenceandthemachine Florencewelch Howbig Howblue Howbeautiful Stjude Jude ElSalvador  Sivar Clouds Blue Sky Nubes Cielo
"I know there's a part of you that I just cannot reach, you don't have to let me in" Florencewelch Florenceandthemachine Howbluehowbighowbeautiful Hiding deluxe amazing iloveit music
Florenceandthemachine Florencewelch Howbighowbluehowbeautiful Hbhbhb