Kaki Gunung Ciremai, Kuningan - Jabar

Today Motivation For Me.. Eye4photography  for full cilor visit my IG: @yosforever Eyemnaturelover Ciremai's Mountain, Kuningan West Java Blackandwhite
Feel Up and Down.. Eyemnaturelover Eye4photography  Blackandwhite Eye4reflections for full volor visit my IG: @yosforever
Another beauty inside the wild grass... Real Size 0,5cm by MacroLens. Eye4photography  Flowerporn Blackandwhite Macro_collection for full color in IG: @yosforever
Stuck Land. just for today..! Streetphotography Travelphotography Blackandwhite Eye4photography  FullColor in IG: @yosforever
There is a hidden beauty from the grass... Size 1cm by Macro Lens. Flowerporn Eye4photography  Blackandwhite Macro_collection For ColorPic in IG: @yosforever