Nam Cheong Park 南昌公園

It sure was a great day to be at the park yesterday. The sun was shining, birds chirping. Everything s at peace Walking Around Enjoying The Sun Soaking Up The Sun Deep Thoughts At The Park Chilling
A path walked alone Deep Thoughts Walking Around Check This Out Park Taking Photos The Grass Is Green
Macro shot of a cut down tree stump :) Nature Photography Relaxing Deep Thoughts Walking Around
Looking at things from ground level, because eye level is too mainstream Walking Around The Grass Is Green Relaxing Taking Photos Park
Plants and trees around are blossoming but not this one apparently Walking Around Relaxing Taking Photos
Friends are very important. Whenever you're low, they'll be there for you. Sometimes, your friends are what you need more than family. They'll be someone who truly understand the problems you have Walking Around Escaping Taking Photos Photography Phoneography Friend Hugging A Tree Deep Thoughts
Where game begins Running Workout Restart
Walking back to school and saw some beautiful clouds. I can't help loving the beauty of the sky Walking Around Enjoying Life
My favorite childhood equipment at the park! Playground Fun Childhood Walking Around Escaping Relaxing Phoneography
Just playing around with camera Walking Around Relaxing Enjoying The Sun Sunshine Check This Out
Walk your own path. Walking Around Escaping Relaxing Phoneography Photography Enjoying Life Deep Thoughts
Pretty flowers in the park :) Snapped with an Xperia Z3 :D The Purist (no Edit, No Filter) Macro Photography Flowers No Edit/no Filter
Spring is definitely here. Flowers are blooming Macro Walking Around Flowers Sunshine Spring Flowers
Just Relaxing in the park while Taking Photos with my best friend. Walking Around Quality Time
Pretty flowers blossoming during Spring. Flowers Macro Relaxing Nature Photography
The beauty of parks. Hugging A Tree Enjoying The Sun Escaping Enjoying Life Relaxing Snapseed Phoneography Daydreaming
You never know what lays ahead of life. Everything's a surprise. Blackandwhite Photography Walking Around Urban Landscape Deep Thoughts