72/365 | A beautiful cemetery in SPAIN along the way. ElCaminoDeSantiago 365grateful
the best way to enjoy 110°F heat is poolside with a margarita ☀🏊 Arizona 365grateful
Last night's dinner: roasted Japanese sweet potatoes with miso-dressed spinach and candied cashews. Blueapron 365grateful
78/365 | The architecture in SPAIN is beautiful. ElCaminoDeSantiago Travel 365grateful
Still can't believe I'm in Peru . This is Saqsayhuamán 😁 Cusco Travel 365grateful
Tucson bound! CurrentlyReading Galapagos 365grateful
62/365 | I never would have thought that day 2 of ElCaminoDeSantiago would actually be more physically and mentally straining than the first. It's a good thing we get to start the day with cafe con leche and Therése's cherry jam. Travel 365grateful
126/365 | I love getting @simplegreensmoothies' recipes emailed to me each week. This Beginner's Luck smoothie was great. Simplegreensmoothies 365grateful
50/365 | Beautiful views. Travel Iceland 365grateful
73/365 | Delicious starters from the day's menu de peregrino. ElCaminoDeSantiago Travel 365grateful
91/365 | I wish you would step back from that ledge my Mave. Catsofinstagram 365grateful
Tasty coffee and tiny donuts before the drive to WA for Sasquatch2015 . ☕🍩 Portland Travel 365grateful
The ceiling inside of the Bell Tower of Xi'an is just magnificent. Xian China Travel 365grateful
I had a bad day yesterday, and came home to Donuts @bstinnett brought home for me 🍩 365grateful
60/365 | The night before El Camino. Made it to St. Jean Pied de Port, thanks to some new friends. Travel France 365grateful
pretty Flowers on campus today 🌼 365grateful
Grateful I got to visit such a beautiful country, and that I was able to explore this amazing 15th century Incan citadel. MachuPicchu Peru Travel Wanderlust 365grateful
53/365 | Experiencing 24 hour daylight. Travel Iceland 365grateful
80/365 | I missed my little fur baby. 😻 Scottishfold 365grateful
The best mac 'n' cheese and (not pictured) fried chicken I've ever had. Dallas Texas 365grateful
Mavis and I had a very relaxing weekend and we're feeling very loved. Thank you family. 365grateful Catsofinstagram
86/365 | Starting a new book. 365grateful BookLove
106/365 | Creepers gonna creep, but I don't mind when they're this adorkable. Catsofinstagram 365grateful
Ben said my nails look like seashells. Also, CurrentlyReading : Themartian . 365grateful
Mave napping to the sound of rain drops earlier today ☔ Catstagram 365grateful
I'm grateful for nature in every season or form. 365grateful
63/365 | The little things that usually go unnoticed on ElCaminoDeSantiago . SPAIN Travel 365grateful
good morning + good coffee 365grateful Royalcoffeebar Supportlocal
Happy 2nd birthday to my little grumpy love Mave 😽🎈 365grateful Catstagram
122/365 | Today was a beautiful day at one of my most favorite places. Desertmuseum Tucson 365grateful
54/365 | I've really enjoyed the Streetart of Reykjavik. Travel Iceland 365grateful
71/365 | ElCaminoDeSantiago peregrino street art. SPAIN 365grateful
68/385 | Although I did not feel this way when I took this photo, I suppose there is a beauty in redundancy. ElCaminoDeSantiago Travel 365grateful
Today I am grateful for an afternoon walk. 365grateful
64/365 | SPAIN 's unique door knockers. ElCaminoDeSantiago Travel 365grateful
76/365 | A lovely flower along the way. ElCaminoDeSantiago Travel 365grateful
101/365 | And so it begins. BeerFlightsDIA 365grateful Beerstagram
Emperor Qin had the Terracottawarriors and Horses built to take with him into the afterlife. Grateful I got to visit this incredible archeological site. Xian China Travel 365grateful
111/365 | Ending the night with tea and a new book. LorienLegacies 365grateful
Horchata and barrio papas 👌Downtowngilbert Arizona 365grateful
peaches make breakfast better 🍑 365grateful
The best part about being home is getting to cuddle with Mavis each night 😻💜 Scottishfold Catsofinstagram 365grateful
109/365 | Morning coffee in my Baymax cup. Bighero6 365grateful
61/365 | Hiking up and over the Pyrenees mountains from France to SPAIN was one of the physically and mentally hardest times of my life. However it was the little things like @bstinnett's silly songs and sights like this ladybug that got me through it. Elcamino Travel 365grateful
Grateful I got to hike around Mt. Huashan . The Lone Tree was stunning to see. China Travel 365grateful
Awesome gift from an out of this world friend @cchocobo1337 🚀 Space 365grateful
LAX has some neat art. Off to Shanghai ! ✈ China 365grateful
59/365 | Meeting Minuche, the quiet little cat belonging to our lovely hosts. Love how he found the perfect amount of sunshine and shade. Paris Travel 365grateful
Herbst🍁 Kastanien 365grateful First Eyeem Photo
First meal in China ! This dumpling soup was delicious. Shanghai Travel 365grateful
I'm grateful for the joyful December holidays, the friends & family with whom I could celebrate it and the lovely cards I got. 365grateful
89/365 | Baseball game with the family! Dbacks 365grateful
71/365 | Getting to try SPAIN 's famous pulpo (octopus). Quite good! Travel 365grateful
82/365 | Enjoying new music with @lxsmont. Black Carl was amazing! 365grateful
113/365 | Missed this place! 365grateful
Pike Place Market at night. Seattle Washington Travel 365grateful
67/365 | Fuente de Irache- a free wine fountain to help us peregrinos (pilgrims) get to Santiago with strength and vitality. ElCaminoDeSantiago Travel 365grateful
81/365 | boba & ramen & Streetpass . 365grateful 3DS
58/365 | Today I had a macaron for the first time. Paris Travel 365grateful
365grateful sun.
So grateful for the state of the medical science here in Holland. It would have been much worse if I lived in Africa with Osteogenesis Imperfecta. 365grateful
Day 1, Thankfie photo ☝☝☝ 365grateful 365 365project Asus Asuszenfonemaxphotography
I love the night. I love the emptiness. I love the good thoughts that appear. 365grateful
Considering food I'm not that picky but some drinks I really can't stand. Beer and coffee, not for me. The drink I love the most? Chocolate milk! I drink one cup a day, it's really an addiction. Especially on winter days like these I love to nip on a cup of handmade hot chocolate. Yummy! 365grateful
Grateful for friends who invite me to magical moments. And dinners. 365grateful
365grateful Day 8. Grateful they are not fighting.