New years and forever resolution

My Resolution ? Lol the only thing im turning up is who I am..the thing is I'm not gonna try to be perfect cuz that's impossible which I've been learning throughout the year I just gotta do my best to be consistent and more determined towards My GOD, My Girl, My Goal & My Friendships I already know that it's not going to turn out perfect, but me knowing me I grew a whole lot from the beginning of the year & with that knowledge heading into to the new year I'm going to improve even more than before im not gonna try to be who I'm not I'm just gonna be me like I said before , however while being me Ima work really hard towards all my goals, but the thing is I need to put GOD first; not in a way so that I can only prosper, but by adding him first in everything that I do so he can transform me as a person and make me a happier more to that that of course, but anyway.....the only way that's gonna happen is if I add him to my daily life-hood and to trust in what and who he is. Just BeYouBeTrueLetJesusChristOnsideOfYou And God will take care of the rest just be real and sincere with a open heart and the process will begin.....and another thing Turn up man Turn Up!!! Lol new year here i come baby!!! New Years And Forever Resolution Better Me God First Happy New Years