Apetece-me dizer que te amo. Com toda a força possível. Com todo o amor puro que contenho dentro de mim. És tu. Só tu. Que quero. Que amo. Que procuro. Que sinto. Que o destino nos uniu porque és o meu homem. O homem dos meus sonhos. O homem da minha vida. Que ambos somos o amor da vida um do outro. Até ao fim das nossas vidas. Porque sinto. Porque assim quero. Queremos. Porque o nosso amor será eterno. Porque nos completamos até ao fim das nossas vidas. Meu anjo. Meu amor. Meu príncipe. Meu único. Meu verdadeiro. Meu coração. Deus uniu-nos para construirmos o nosso destino. A nossa vida. A nossa família. O nosso império. Juntos. Unidos. Como marido e mulher. Como amantes. Como verdadeiros amigos. Seremos nós. Até ao fim das nossas vidas. AtéAos90 MyAngel Mytruelove MyMen Mylove Thanksgod
Handsome Handsome Boy Handsome Man Handsome😍 Ilovemymen❤ Love Love ♥ Lovesomuch MyMen
Handsome MyMen :) you both make me ooh sooo happy. @4louie2bagg0
Dog Lake Lifestyles Men MyMen Nature Sky Water
No matter what the others think or say. Because what really matters is if i stay with you every singal day for the rest of my life. AtéAos90 MyMen Mytruelove Friendship Love
Hello World Nature Good Morning World! Amazing Moldova Working Hard ILoveMyJob It's MyMen MyFavorite  Eyem Best Shot - My World EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm Best Shots - Nature EyeEm Animal Lover
Messyhairdontcare Fuckwhatyouthink MyMen Ilovethem handsome hairissues
MyMen Mylove Boyfriend Theonlyone💞
I don't think either of these men realize just how important they are to me. I'm lucky to call both of them my best friends and one of them my father. So thankful for all they've been there for and put up with. I enjoy every second spent with them, and they're always the best times. Thank you for everything, Daddy & Aram. I love you guys ❤ Family Daddysgirl MyMen
MyMen... he's Capo Rescued Rescuecat Adoptedcat Love Taking Photos Hanging Out Newadditiontothefamily Roughlife Cheese! EyeEm Animal Lover Cats Meow Blackandwhite Blackandwhite Photography Coco'sPics
My Husband Outdoors New Year 2017 Newbeginning EyeEm Eyeemphotography MyMen Love My Love My Everything Smoking Cigar Whine
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Daddy's pride....♡ Myhappyplace Upallnight Kingsworld MYeverything Daddyandking Myhappiness King NY MyMen Mivida
I became an alien👽💕Are we pretty😂??No!! Humans MyMen Trend App
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MyMen ❤️❤️❤️
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Haha love my crazy lil' family! MyMen Crazyface Goodmornings
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She x He ❤️ MyMen
5 ans plus tard, toujours ensemble. ❤️ Summer 2018 Boyfriend❤ Autop Oklmzer Cool Mylife Bretagne Yas Touriste Bisous MyMen Portrait
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