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From dawn to dusk In sin and holiness During our highs and lows Your love remains the same You loved us with an everlasting love, Which costed the life of Jesus Christ. Don't take the grace of God for granted, grace simply means unmerited favour, it is a gift that God gave so that we may be saved. If God was giving us a new day according to our works then no one would have been alive to be a part of today's dawn. All creation are obedient to God, except mankind, the sin corrupted the perfect way we were formed into, which is to be obedient to Him. Despite all, God lavished His love towards us through Jesus Christ and fulfilled the law to give us grace so that no one may perish but have eternal life through Him. The God of this age is the devil, he blinds the eyes of unbelievers, still in spite of all corruption you can know God right where you are. Today Lift up the name of Jesus, you'll know that He is God. Faithful Grace Unmerited Favour Jesus Christ Dawn Lavish Love Mercy  Kind
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Its my baby's birthday!! God bless n favor u greatly. Love n miss u seriously *sobs* Favour Instapicmix Blessed  Family
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