Bestof2013 My kids peering in to the fog on the beach in Lunenburg , Novascotia . Can't wait to go back. Igersottawa
That time I was in a band Bestof2013
Bestof2013 , It might have not been the best year, but I sure did have a lot of fun, From my 16th birthday to breaking once again another phone & having four dogs, Winning one direction tickets the week of the concert, having to much fun at six flags. All the football games & marching competition, Finally Getting a new phone, Having fun with my band family :b & so much more ♡
That time I met Paramore, touched Hayley and lived to see them live. Bestof2013 that's all for today bye.
Best of 2013. This is one. Yung napuyat ka matapos lang ang carving mo ay makapagpasa on time. Yung kahit lahat kayo sa classroom bangenge at nagbabaliwan dahil nga mga wala kayong tulog pero sobrang worthit nung natapos ka na at nakapag mount :) hahaha. Bestof2013
That time I bought a car Bestof2013
That time I turned 19. @trishastunden @tracycoote Bestof2013
That time the fire fighters fell in love with the moose. Bestof2013
So, this is the Bestof2013 and a whole lot more actually. Last pic of the year? Nah, no promises. ? So long 2013 ❤ let's seize the night! Winning Losing Memories goodvibes newyear 2014
Best weekend so far. Actually a vampire weekend. Bestof2013