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I wrote this poem as advice to myself. I decided to use the photo from alaska because of the train taking me so far away. . Photos By Jeanette Poetry By Jeanette Alaska My Poetry Goodadvice New Years Resolutions 2016 Sadgirl Sad & Lonely Sad Face Lostinplace Starting Over Poem My Thoughts My Feelings My Unique Style My Thought, Everytime Those Same People Wanna Argue And Fight My Thoughts Heart Broken Wont Let Go Sharing My Thoughts My Writing > New Book Publishing Company Publishing Abandoned
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Learn to serenade a woman, rather than pay for one. Goodadvice
Sometimes you're so preoccupied with whats inside, you miss the real gift. Neverlosesightofyourdreams Wisdom Goodadvice Mother Daughter Birthday Dreams
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After five hours in the hospital, im finally able to watch some netflix and drink some bedtime yogi tea. Wordsofwisdom Tea Time Relaxation Goodadvice
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