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Witnesses Imperfect Justice Photographic Approximation Ars Longs Vita Brevis
Photographic Approximation Ars Longs Vita Brevis Escapism From The Hard Reality. Facial Experiments Imperfect Justice Witnesses
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Queen Trisala witnesses fourteen great dreams signifying the advent of an omniscient saviour, Street bas relief on the wall of Jain Temple (also called Parshwanath Temple) in Kolkata, West Bengal, India on February 09,2016. ASIA Bas Relief Calcutta Carving Faith God Idol India Jain Jain Temple Jainism Kolkata Meditation Mysticism Parshwanath Queen Trisala Religion Saviour Shrine Signifying Spirituality Temple West Bengal Witnesses Worship
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Remember this? <3 @daryllangel @earljohnencarnacion We are Witnesses to your love :) charr! :* hope you guys be with each other forever too :') love love loooove! :)
"Silent witnesses to many an emotion.. glowing with the color of the most apt one.. Love" A pic from 2014 TBT  Throwbackthursday  Walkway Benches Love Nightpic Night Pink Shadows Silent Witnesses Emotions Glowing Canon 550d Marinedrive Streetphotography Photography
Witnesses June 13🎉🎊 Sister's Wedding Smile (:
Memorial 2013. Jehova God Witnesses Tuesday imus cousins family