I like having nice people around me but for you,it is not. You know why because I know your real act after we turn back from each others. Bad Bitch Fakefriends
??✌️ Followme Truth Fakefriends
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If you leave i don't care. If you hate i don't care. No ONE need someone fake in his life. Be good person that someone may feel sad for you and for your sake when you gone. Fakefriends Idontcare ?
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Great Country Fake People. Punjab Alone Alone In The City  Fakefriends Mistakes
To all the Haters Badmind Back stabbers Fakefriends snakes foodstealers and whom else it may concern ...fuck you in advance
Realtalk Fakefriends BeTrue Be. Yourself✌❤ TextGram
Coleção Guerreiros. Incrível Batman Fake que encontrei nas quebradas do São Lucas. O nome desse ser mitológico e de escudo é Justiceiro. Seu amigo semelhante ao Homem Aranha ao lado é o Red Warrior (???) e o Leônidas é... Leonidas . Que incrível trio de guerreiros... Hahahahahahaahha Spiderman Darkknight 300 Actionfigures Actionfigure Wat BR Huehue Bonecastrouxas @bonecastrouxas Toy China Madeinchina Fakefriends Dccomics Marvel
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In the end you have only yourself. Friends Fakefriends Truethat Sadness
Vergiss das was dich vergisst 💪 Fakefriends
Life Death Friends Fakefriends Realfr
No other words From My Point Of View Truestory Fakefriends Hello World EyeEm
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Fuck sake people acting like i owe them something or i belong to them . I can make my own choices in life ... People getting so butthurt if i dont do exactly what they want .-. Fuckoff Fake Fakefriends Pissedoff staystrong butthurt choices dep sue ana ednos f4f fff follow4follow followforfollow
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Haters or lovers?! Hahahaa.. Haters Lovers Fakefriends NOthIng
Had this happen not too long ago. Smh Fakefriends
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Fuck sake :/ no one genuinely likes me all just fucking using me or being cunts or both . Just fuck off (my edit *~*) Fakefriends Friendship DEP Sue sunset summer depquotes quotes lifelessons fuckoff cunts hadenough follow f4f followers follow4follow followforfollow tagsforlikes
Just find this thing in their facebook chitchat Fakefriends Bitches Nowiknow Dontneedyouanyway
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No caption needed. ??✌ Fakefriends Gottaloveem
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Bluffing Fakefriends Dontact ! OK
Change! LifeStyle! Forsale Fakefriends
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