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Sisterfromanothermother look how long has been. Almost 13 years now of knowing each other. You more than anyone have a very special place in my hear ❤️
Managed to squeeze in time today to catch up with a dear friend. Thanks for the many years of sisterhood and a lifetime of memories. Sisterfromanothermother Blessing Happiness YolandaGoAway
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What could be warmer and cozier than the feeling of a hot cappuccino on a chilly winter afternoon? The company of a sweet cousin like you. It is certainly a blessing to have a smart, cool and superb person like you.. Having a pretty cousin sister like you is a lot of responsibility. I have to convince all my guy friends to stay away from you. Your advice is the antidote for an irritating friend, annoying boss, cheating girlfriend and backstabbing colleagues. It feels awesome to have someone who I can pour my heart out to. Happy birthday cuz @strangejey love yah twinny.. Twins Raventwins Sisterfromanothermother P.S. asan na ang starbucks ko?? Hehehe..
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Happy birthday gorgeous! May this day bring you lots of joy and happiness. Sisterfromanothermother Friends4ever Luv Shineonyouninnifloyd ????
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Friendship. ♡   Sisterfromanothermother
Saturday Hangout with Sisterfromanothermother @noviriana
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