Fashion is about dreaming , and making other dream ~ donatella versace Iwanttobeamodel Fashion&love&beauty Fashionphotography Thatlookthough
Surfs Up Mylife Iwanttobeamodel Iwanttobeaprosurfer
I wish Theycallmeaslut Overweight Overwhelmed Iwanttobeamodel Iwillneverbethin Bullyingsucks Ihatemyself Cutting Iwishthingsweredifferent
This is my first pictue trying to get into modeling That's Me Hello World Trying Iwanttobeamodel
The Portraitist - 2016 EyeEm Awards Model Modeling Iwanttobeamodel
Like how I said earlier.I was apart of the American mall model search when I was 12 years old.&here's a picture of my results from back the ~I got a rate of 9/10 ~They also rated me for contract winner ~On the agents comments it says "Top overall child" &as you can tell on the very bottom of the first picture I did win contract winner .The bottom picture shows my first auditions I would of done but I couldn't.I just feel so lucky enough that I could of been apart of this.I'm NOT giving up on my dreams ! C: Americanmallmodelsearch 12yearsold Results Iwanttobeamodel Ilovemodeling Imnevergivinguponmydreams Nevergiveup
Yes .Another thing I want to be ♥ Ilovemodeling Iwanttobeamodel (:
I LOVE singing & modeling <3 Singing for 5 years.Loving modeling for 8 years <3 Still practicing.NEVER giving up! I want to be a Singer & model (: <3 OctoberPhotoChallenge Day13 Somethingiwant Iwanttobeamodel Iwanttobeasinger Ilovesinging Ilovemodeling Demilovato Kendalljenner Kyliejenner Nevergiveup Mydream Mypassion <3