Takuapa Relaxing Phangnga Thailand
Takuapa Bridge Bridge Photography Metal Bridge Suspension Bridge
Takuapa Phangnga Thailand Vegetarian Festival Capture The Moment in some part of down south of thailand when the vegetarian festival coming,every one back home meet the family & friends to have a good time for special month of we traditional culture for clean the life and start the good thing , that's my beautiful moment to see how peoples in my hometown doing the samething when I was kid :)
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Takuapa Relaxing Phangnga Thailand
ราชพฤกษ์ Takuapa Flowers,Plants & Garden Bicycling Bicycle Bicyclelife Yellow Flower
Bridge Oldbridge Sapanlek Sapanlekkokkanoon Kokkanoon Glass Meadow Green Greenglass FreshCloud - Sky Sunshine Sunset Mountain Oldcity Oldtown Landscape Landmark Takuapa Phangnga Thailand Tree River
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คู่สร้างคู่สม ฮ่าๆๆ ^^ ทำไปได้ Pangnga Takuapa Taking Photos Roommate
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นับถอยวันเวลากลับบ้าน....อีกนิดเดียว Relaxing Enjoying Life Takuapa Thailand
Wonderful Pangnga Festival 2013 Takuapa Relaxing Taking Photos Enjoying Life
Roommate  Takuapa Pangnga Thailand
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