Sun is always following you. ((After praying at saint joseph cathedral.)) RePicture Ageing Black And White Obachan at Montreal, Canada
Person of histories Obachan EyeEm Kyoto Meetup 1 , Kyoto
Adult Collecting Collecting Seaweed Day Everyday Lives Hat Kouri-jima Nature Obachan One Person Outdoors People Real People Sea Seashore Sitting Straw Hat Water Working Working おばちゃん 沖縄
Grandmother Obachan Grandma Obachan daisuki ♡
Spending short amounts of time at home is always filled with intense realities of aging and family. Being home means being present. Family Home Colorado Aurora Obachan Japan Japanese  Abuela
Obachan Follow Me Grandma Love Her Merry Christmas Enjoying Life Extremely Blessed ❤ Happy Holidays! Beautiful So Happy
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