-11 outside? Doesn't bother these guys! ItsFlippingColdOut Ifyougointothewoodstoday.. Stories, Fables & Fairytales Thanks for the invites Paul and Mr Dark, lovely gentlemen... Winter White By CanvasPop
Playing with Ice ... Texturestyles ItsFlippingColdOut Light And Shadow
Waiting for the school bus...."Mom.... my tongue is sthuck to my zippehh...." -11 outside... the not so fun side of winter. ItsFlippingColdOut Snow Wintertime
Seeing the light through the trees... Wintertime Light And Shadow ItsFlippingColdOut Winter White By CanvasPop
sleepy Dog Mellow day... as ItsFlippingColdOut
ItsFlippingColdOut dining on Beaver Creek mountain Wintertime, swimming a little